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30 years working in Animation production.

Free-lance Producer and Consulting services available for script analysis, VFX Breakdowns, planning, scheduling & budgeting.

Anything to get your project started on the right foot. Or trouble-shooting solutions to stay on track.

Available as Consultant or Producer




Models made and Designed

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Sci-Fi hardware - spaceships, submarines, aircraft and everything in-between.

Drawings, Paintings, Physical Models 

Welcome. This is a place where I can show my work, please take a look around.

I love Science Fiction, and like to design vehicles vai Drawings, Paintings and physical models.  I also like to paint and am a HUGE fan of the 'Surface Pro', 

I am also an avid modeler and enjoy making plastic model kits. Some real, and some fictional.  I am a film-maker and there are links to some 'how to ' videos and other videos.

Work can be commissioned - the contact info is at the bottom of this page. 

When not drawing, painting or making things - I work in Animation. With over 30 years working on multiple productions and many different studios I am available fCr PVConsulting or free-lance Producer jobs.