This is the video made in November 2017 as part of the KICKSTARTER funding project. The goal was not reached but work is continuing on the film. .  

This is a VFX test for a dry-for-wet techniqueThis is a proof of concept test for a dry for wet technique. Typically with Dry for Wet the subject is photographed through a glass tank filled with water, and the set is lit and fogged to represent an underwater feel. What was being tested here is an idea to get real caustic lighting rippling over the subject that is meant to be underwater. The ripples and light patterns came from a small overhead clear glass tray filled with water, and agitated. The light shining through created real caustic patterns. All in camera! Working in conjunction with the particulate matter in the 'glass tank' in front would create a more immersive effect - literally:) - effect. In this test the the glass tank was substituted with composited water elements, but the overall effect is the same.

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