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The Mole is one of the heavy rescue vehicles used by International Rescue. capable of travelling underground. 

The Gray and Houseman Explosives Tractor, which featured in the Thunderbirds Episode 'End of the Road'. This basic vehicle design also showed up in 'Sun Probe' and 'Security Hazard'. 

The Mobile is the ground based defense operated by SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organisation_Mobile from the TV series 'UFO'. 

Thunderbird 3 - responsible for space rescue and transport to and from Thunderbird 5.

Lady Penelope's Rolls Royce FAB 1 - from 'Thunderbirds'. 

Thunderbird 1, International Rescue's spearhead the rescue operation and provide the rescue support needed.

Stingray - the pride of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP).

Thunderbird 4 - the powerful submarine, equipped to handle deep sea rescues. Typically carried to the danger zone in Thunderbird 2s Pod 4  

This gallery is dedicated to the work of Gerry Anderson and the exceptional team of artists and technicians. Particular mention must go to Derek Meddings, who not only designed many of the futuristic vehicles featured in these television programmes, but also, as Visual Effects Director brought them to life with amazing credibility and imagination.

The heavy rescue aircraft responsible for transporting heavy rescue equipment within one of 6 detachable pods to wherever in the world it is needed.

The Sidewinder (featured in the Thunderbirds episode 'Pit Of Peril). This painting shows a real world scenario of the vehicle in action.

Thunderbird 5 International Rescues orbiting Space Station is constantly monitoring the airwaves for distress calls. 

Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle - SPV - the tough, but sleek high-speed transport used by Spectrum in 'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons'.

New York City; Moving the Empie State

Building. This is an imaginary point of view scene early on the morning of the day of the move. People and press are gathered to watch. This is based on the Thunderbirds episode 'Terror in New York City'.

The mighty Fireflash Airliner - atomic-powered with a top speed of Mach 6 - ready for her maiden flight from London to Tokyo. From 'Thunderbirds' TV series.