This is an original design for a personal project I made in the 1980s with my friend David Hicks. It was featured in a Super 8 film called 'Deepquest'. This is a futuristic submarine and was inspired directly and indirectly by the USS Enterprise from Star Trek The Motion Picture, the MiG-31 from the movie Firefox, the USS Reliant from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan and many others. My overriding influences for designing sci-fi hardware is undoubtedly Derek Meddings.

This model was built in 2015 and is 3ft long. The original model for the film was 6ft long. key 'greeblie' details from a 1/600th scale Bismarck (by Airfix), were reproduced by finding a 1/1200th scale Bismark (from Revell) which had a similar parts breakdown. The original 6ft model was ruined during the rigors of VFX filming. 

A smaller 1ft model of the Hyperion was made for the film, by my brother Terence, and still exists today.   


The 'Flying Sub' from the Irwin Allen TV Series 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'.

The Flying Sub was carried in the bow of the Seaview, always ready to dive into the action.

This is the Monogram re-issue of the classic Aurora kit. approx scale 1/60th (8 inches in length).


Eagle Transporter from the Gerry Anderson TV Series 'Space:1999'. The spaceship's, rugged good looks which, for me, perfectly blend the futuristic with the scientifically credible.

This model started life as the 12inch 1970s MPC kit and making this kit 100% accurate would involve throwing pretty much everything out. That said, virtually every part of this kit was reworked to correct the basic proportions and shape of the ship. 

(I am looking forward to building the new 22inch / 1/48th scale kit!)


This is the Airfix 1/32nd kit. It is painted in the colourscheme of the family car we had when I was growing up. Windscreen wipers and wing mirrors scratch built and added. 


Avro Lancaster of 617 Squadron as adapted for the famous Dambusters Raid. 

This is the 1/72nd scale Airfix kit released in 2013, marking the 60th anniversary of the raid.

I am particularly happy with the authentic looking exhaust streaks on the upper wing surfaces.     


This page features models I have made. Model Kits, Kit-Bashed and Scratch Built


Y-Wing from 'Star Wars'. This is Revell 1/72nd scale snap-fit and pre-painted model kit. This model was totally repainted with Humbrol enamels. Some extra kit-bashed details added, mainly to the 'torso' area and other less fine details removed. 

MiG 242

The fictional MiG-242 from the Gerry Anderson TV series 'Joe 90' episode 'Most Special Agent'. 

This is a 1/72nd scale model which uses parts from the Airfix 'Angel Interceptor' (from 'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons) and a Minicraft Hobby Models 1/144th scale F-111. A lot of scratch-building. The aircraft featured in the show is a swing-wing, and this model has poseable wings. Decals are hand made and match the particular plane that Joe flies. No blueprints were available so this has built from referencing screen shots and publicity stills.

For a comprehensive look at this project, please look at the video here


From the classic 1950s George Pal production of 'The War of the Worlds'. A triumph of visual storytelling.

This design, by Albert Nozaki, is quite a departure from the tall tripods described in the HG Wells novel, but their menacing on-screen appearance, courtesy of Special Visual Effects Supervisor Gordon Jennings and his team is awe inspiring. 

This is a resin kit from the 1990s (cannot recall the manufacturer) and 1/35th scale.

The paint-job was a special mix of coppers, reds and browns.


The North American X-15 hypersonic rocket plane set numerous speed and altitude records in the early 1960s. 

This model is a conversion of the 1/48th scale 'Special Hobby' kit of X-15 A2, and matches the appearance of the X-15 #3 as flown by Joe E Walker on several flights in 1963. 


Colonial Viper from the 1970s Glen Larson TV Series 'Battlestar Galactica'.

This is the 1/32nd scale Revell / Monogram kit upgrade from the original kit from the 1970s.

I built the original kit in 1978, so was pleased to see the upgraded re-issue.

This has been built from-the-box with just a handful of additional small details added to the engines. The extreme weathering is accurate to the filming models! 


The SSRN Seaview from the Irwin Allen  TV Series 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'. This is the '4 window' configuration seen from Season 2 onwards.

This is the 1/350th scale Polar Lights kit. (approx 12 inches long, about the same size as the 'Aurora' kit from the 1960's). Basically built from the box, with a handful of additional details added.


This is an original design, kit-bashed from various aircraft kits. The main shape is based on the famous WW2 DeHavilland Mosquito. This is a 1/72nd scale model.

This 2 part video explains the design and construction. 


cool stuff


Thunderbird 3 from the Gerry Anderson TV series 'Thunderbirds'.

This is the Aoshima 1/350th scale kit (approx 10 inches long). This kit captures the shape of the spaceship beautifully. 

Additional detail has been added to the white docking collar. To maintain the appropriate sense of scale - this ship stands 287feet tall - the recessed panel lines on the kit were filled, and new panel lines drawn on with HB pencil. Small patches of sellotape have been added to represent subtle surface details. These are the same techniques used on the visual effects models.