Many reviews of the 1966 film ''Thunderbirds Are Go' comment that it feels like an overlong episode. This is a 'fan edit' of the 1966 Movie 'Thunderbirds Are Go' into a TV episode format. 
Many reviews have commented that the movie feels like an extended episode. 
This is 100% non-profit and the original material is owned by MGM/UA and Carlton. This is experiment and analysis is something I carried out for myself and thought others may find it interesting.

Additional Information
The 1966 film ‘Thunderbirds Are Go!’ was made at the height of the popularity of the exceptional TV show ‘Thunderbirds’, the film was made by the same crew, at the same time. And yet it does not have the same magic
, or feel as the series. While technical superior in many ways, it is ultimately not a satisfying experience. Although the movie feels like an elongated episode, and actually feels padded in places, there are oddly key moments of the story that seem to be missing or rushed).

In cutting this to episode length version I have followed these guidelines;
* Remain faithful to the basic storyline in the film.
* Re-cut the scenes to make this feel as much like an episode as possible in terms of pacing. ie - To 
instil a sense of urgency to the story. 
* Replaced movie footage with the comparable footage from the TV show – eg Thunderbird 1 launch sequence. 
* Replaced movie music with the more recognizable music cues, with the goal of increasing the drama. 
* Reframed the movie for 4 x 3.

Summary of specific changes; 
Alan’s Dream sequence and all the subplot that pertains to it has been removed.
Thunderbird 2 is not sent to Glenn Field with Thunderbird 1 to supervise the launch. 
Added shots of Zero-X in space and Thunderbird 3 rendezvous.*
Removed the scenes of Gordon being unhappy about not going on the mission.
Trimmed several pieces of expository dialogue wherever possible. 
Replaced the Glenn Field Rescue jets with the ‘Rescue jets’ seen in ‘Operation Crash-Dive’.
Removed first ‘Zero-X’ assembly sequence to get straight into the action.
Changed the final scene at the ‘Swinging Star’ between Alan and Lady Penelope to a scene between Alan and TinTin.*
Added interval breaks.
Removed Scott and Jeff’s conversation about the ‘rock snakes’.
Made Penelope and Parker’s chase across the lake and conflict with the Hood more immediate, so that it feels like they need to shoot down the Helicopter, vs just wanting to.

The Cliff Richard Jr ‘Shooting Star’ is used in the ‘Swinging Star’ sequence at the end of the film
Added Lady Penelope Fireflash scene
Several sound effects adjusted to sounds from the – eg Zero-X crash landing

* These scenes involve compositing work in their creation.   


Short clips of some Matte Painting Tests, done to still images, but enough to try out with painting techniques. These were all hand painted in Photoshop. No cloning or other digital effects. More to come.